Soil Treatment

From 1987 to 2013, BRAGA has used Methyl Bromide for soil sterilization either on the total area or uniquely the strips of plantation. This product has shown its efficiency ever since its registration in Morocco. Unfortunately, it has been eliminated for ecological reasons. For more information, click on « Methyl Bromide Regulations ».


Thus, Braga suggests three alternatives for soil treatment as efficient as Methyl Bromide : Télodrip, Inline, and Trichlor.


BRAGA’s distinction is its product distribution in metallical cylinders pressurized using Azotes.  


With the three products, soil preparation is the same :

  •  Tear up the old cultivation (as many roots as possible). Take out wastes and burn them.
  •  Water homogenously and maintain soil wet around 10 days before treatment
  • Soil should be to 2/3 of its retention ability, i.e. 65 % humectation, more wet than for sowing.
  •   Ground should be slightly prepared on 30 to 35 cm depth without dung or clods.
  •  Avoid ammoniac azotes excess after treatment.
  •  Avoid organic materials that are quickly perishable such as (crab, peat, meat flour).
  • Contribution of organic substrates should be done 40 days minimum before treatment, or never.
  • Avoid chalky improvement.
  • Level soil and loosen the plane.
  • On the edges of the greenhouse and flush with the obstacles, dig out a trench of 20 cm depth trying to bring ground to the interior of the area treated
  •  Sweep and clean the edges and the surroundings of the lot treated.