Stored Products

BRAGA does stored products treatment through spraying or nebulisation (surface treatment). 

BRAGA treats date fruit, tobacco, wood, spices, fresh fruits, premises, containers, boats, etc...

BRAGA does also stored products fumigation under cover up or inside specialized hermetic premises, either with Methyle Bromide (METABROM that BRAGA still has) or using other fumigants available in the local market like Phosphine. 

Métabrom contains 99,80% of Methyle Bromide. It also contains 0.2% of Amyle Acetate (perfumed gas).

This fumigant is used for premises, cereals, wood, date fruit, foodstucks, spices, etc...

Treatment time varies from 1 to 48 hours depending on the used dosage that varies from 15 to 120 g/m³.